Bunny Madness Anarchy’s Anarchy Circuit

The Rules
  • The tournament will be a circuit type tournament. We will do a series of tournaments throughout a 2 months and a half period, and have the top teams from those tournaments play against each other in a Semi-Final scenario. The top 2 winning teams from those matches will play each other in a Grand Final scenario.
  • Every qualifying tournament will require pre-registration from the teams that would like to participate.
  • Teams will have 1 big pool where they will play a 2v2 format divided in brackets. Each game requires one official to ensure no cheating is taking place and what is the true outcome of the match.
  • Matches will be hosted on our computers and lobbies. All teams will join these lobbies, and any player that is not set to play in these rooms will be removed.
  • All announcements will be on our discord server and social media pages. Tournament leaderboards and updates will be on our challonge page.
  • Teams will play under the single elimination rule. The only tournaments that will be played out in the best 2 out of 3 format are the Semi-Finals and Grand Finals tournaments.
  • All qualifying matches will be single elimination. All single elimination matches will run the “Natural Selection” game mode (team death match). This mode is a 10 min per game mode or the first team to 3000 points. Each kill is worth 100 points, so the 1st team to 30, wins the match. In the case of a tie, teams will play another match with the same rules.
  • For Semi-finals and Grand finals we will play the best 2 out of 3 format. Game modes will be Supply Run (capture the flag) for the first match and Natural Selection (team death match) for the second.
  • ⚹In case of a tie in the Semi-Final and Grand Final tournaments, teams will play the Hostile Takeover (domination) game mode to settle it.⚹
  • Teams that finish in the top 4 places of every qualifying tournament will proceed to the Semi-Finals tournament. The top 2 teams from the Semi-Final tournament will play in the Grand Finals.
  • Semi-finals will have the top 16 teams battle it out for a place in the grand finals.
  • Grand finals will have the top 2 teams from all the circuits we did. These teams will battle it out for a grand prize of $1000 and the prestige of being the champion of our Anarchy Circuit.
Age Restrictions
  • Online: Players must be 18+ to compete in the online tournament.
Cheating and Gameplay:
  • No forms of cheating will be tolerated. This includes:
    • Software Modification
    • Hardware Modification
    • Match Fixing
    • Hacking
    • Exploiting game glitches
    • Impersonation (including playing under another player’s account)
    • Collusion or any other behavior as determined by the Officials or the tournament organizer.
  • Players may not intentionally delay or slow gameplay, including but not limited to stalling, disconnecting network cables, interruption of network connectivity, or any other known or unknown manner of tampering with gameplay. If any of these actions are committed, the team that commits them will be disqualified.
  • All registrations will be done beforehand on our website Bunny Madness Anarchy. This way we are able to accommodate the teams to ensure they all play the same day at the correct time. All players have to be of legal age to play the game.
  • Registration for the tournament is free, but to participate in the tournament you will need; an online connection, a valid Steam account, completed registration on our website for the tournament, and a copy of the game.

  • ⚹There are no limits to the quantity of teams that register for each tournament.⚹
  • If a player disconnects during the first 20 seconds of the match and no points have been earned to any team, the player may request that the match be restarted if a request is not already in motion. The player must try to re-join the match as soon as the new match is created by an official for the teams to join. If a player disconnects after the first 20 seconds and points have been earned, the match must continue. If the player cannot join the match because of connectivity issues, that team will forfeit the match. A request to change hosts can be put in motion and the official will rule if there is time to change hosts. If the teams respect the rules the official reads them a change of host may be accepted.
  • Regardless of the host, all rooms have to be correctly named after the match that it belongs to; this maintains an order on the matches that are being played. Also there must be an official in every match that is being played. If there is no official present, that match does not count.
Breaks between Games:
  • Teams are given 5 minutes before the match (this will be the players’ grace period) and there will be 2 minute breaks in between games for players to set up and prepare for the next match. If their Match has not been completed, players may ask their official for permission to leave their computer. Officials may set a time limit by the end of which the player must return to their computer or they may deny the player's request. This only applies to the matches that will be played in the semi-finals and grand finals.
Cash Prize:
  • As requested, the winning team of the grand finals match will receive a cash prize of $1000. The payment method still needs to be discussed; this ensures we cover any legal aspect we need. I also recommend the payout be equal pay to each player (divide the cash prize into 2 payouts of $500; one payout per player); this ensures each player of the winning team gets his/her fair share of the prize.
  • No cash prize for the qualifying tournaments. The prize for winning one of these tournaments is that they are able to play in the semi-final tournaments for a chance to go to the Grand Finals.
Changes to these Official Rules:
  • These Rules contain the guidelines and policies for the Competition.
  • Administration reserves the right to change, delete or add to these Rules at any time, in its sole discretion.
  • Due to server capacity and other technical limitations beyond the control of Administration, Administration reserves the right to limit or change the number of players in the circuit.
Changes to Bunny Madness Anarchy:
  • Players agree that administration will not be liable to players for any changes to Bunny Madness Anarchy or these Rules.
  • Single Elimination: Bracket system in which the loser of a Match is immediately eliminated and the winner to the next round.
  • Double Elimination: Bracket system in which the loser of a Match is put into a lower bracket in which losing twice would result in elimination.
  • Online Play: All games will be played through the online connection of Steam’s servers and require players to have an online connection to compete.
  • Bye: Status of a Player or Team not paired with an opponent in an early round of a bracket and thus automatically advanced to play in the next round.
Tournament Dates:
  • Qualifying Tournaments:
  • September 30, 2017 – top 2 teams qualify
  • October 15, 2017 – top 4 teams qualify
  • October 31, 2017 – top 4 teams qualify
  • November 15, 2017 – top 4 teams qualify
  • November 30, 2017 – top 2 teams qualify
Semi-Final Tournament:
  • December 15, 2017 – top 2 teams qualify
Grand Finals Tournament:
  • December 15, 2017 – top team wins it all

 I Understand and Accept the Tournament Rules.