Bunny Madness Anarchy Story:

In a civilization of bipedal animals, the overpopulation of rabbits has caused the world to become wary of their own lands. With terrible luck for dangerous events and conflicts, citizens protect their precious communities from the threat The Sovereign Burrow has become. Wars are pulling from side to side, tearing apart the world’s progress. Rabbits who refused to join The Sovereign Burrow were forced into indoctrination; manufactured into soldiers with deadly beliefs of war. .

As madness tunnels into their minds, The Feral gorged into fabricated psychotropic carrots day and night.
Cities were lost to the rabbits’ rampage, but from the madness itself, hope came. Go ask Malice about the ten feet rabbits.

About this game:

Bunny Madness Anarchy is in the Beta phase. It’s a fast-paced competitive third person shooter. Set in a war-torn civilization of bipedal animals, kill your enemies, rely on teamwork and survive the fight. Over a stunning environment, unique level design and original soundtrack, you and your friends will immerse yourselves into Horde mode, where you will battle to survive against waves of enemy Ferals, enraged by indoctrination, who will make all attempts to overrun you.

BETA Features:

Bunny Madness Anarchy is a fast-paced, competitive third person shooter. Build a team based on unique characters in order to crush your enemies. Face against each other in the intense Natural Selection mode, join forces to defeat waves of feral enemies, enraged by indoctrination in the Infected Madness Mode, dominate your competition by capturing points in Hostile Takeover, or bring back enemy supplies to your base in Supply Run. Over stunning environment, unique level design and original soundtrack you and your friends will immerse yourselves into a war-torn civilization of bipedal animals where the madness has taken over.

Game Modes



All stages are playable in all game modes:

-Original Soundtrack and SFX A fusion of live instruments and digital effects make for a unique and highly engaging soundtrack.

Patch Notes BMA Full Release V2.0

  • Two (2) new maps playable in all game modes: Downtown & Sequoia Forest Dam.
  • Unlockable Grand Prix skin for all characters and weapons.
  • New animation fixes.
  • All Steam Achievement have been fixed.
  • Infected Madness AI revamp.
  • Announcer implementation for Infected Madness, Hostile Takeover and Supply Run game modes.
  • Melee improvements.
  • Revamped graphic settings functionality.
  • New Particles for Malice's sonar, Magnus' shield and Ramree's stun grenade.

Early Access:

Why Early Access?

We want to get the community involved in development, and Early Access is a great way to do so. We have a lot of ideas for the game, so we want to include player's feedback to help keep us on the right track.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

Although game development is usually unpredictable, we believe Early Access will last anywhere from 6 to 10 months.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

For the full version we are planning on including: Two (2) extra maps ( where all game modes will be playable). Improvements to the game Infected Madness Mode. More weapon and character skins for customization.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

For Early Access we are including: Four (4) different game modes. All with local and online capabilities. Five (5) characters. Each with a species based combat mechanic. Unique stats based on damage, speed and health recovery, depending on which animal the character is based on. Five (5) stages. All modeled on key locations of the game’s story. Original Soundtrack and SFX.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

Bunny Madness Anarchy will be priced at $14.99 USD during Early Access. As the game matures and new content is added the price of the game will be reviewed and likely go up. Players who purchase the Early Access will not be charged additionally when the full version is released.

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process? Working side by side the community to shape Bunny Madness Anarchy is of great importance to us. We want to start a dialogue with the players so we can move the game in the right direction. With all your feedback and suggestions we will be able to make this game into a great experience for all of you. Please join the conversation in the Steam Community Forums, our Facebook and our Twitter.